Rainer Hausmann

Stefan Wegner

Rainer Hausmann first encountered Georgio Farina in the 1980s, in the band Defroster; et al with the members Stephanos Logothetis (drums) and Guillermo Marchena (vocals) from the formation Head, Heart & Hands. After a long split time and a successful search for Rainer, the circle in the production ROCK MEETS GOSPEL also joins the Georgio Farina’s LifeLine Project Band with his virtuoso and melodic guitar playing. Rainer Hausmann also worked as a musician for Volker Lechtenbrink, Baboon Band with Madeleine Davis (Boney M.), Jackie Carter (ex Silver Convention), Bill Courtney Band (ex Stevie Wonder / Al Jarreau) and the legendary “Show troupe” from Austria “Hallucination Company”.