Mani Gruber

Stefan Wegner

Mani Gruber has been working successfully in the music industry for almost 40 years. As a musician and guitarist (Skybus, BoysVoice), producer and composer, he is the mastermind and operator of the Maniac Studio, his fourth studio by now. Mani is arguably the most involved co-creator on Rock Meets Gospel. Because he is not only a guitarist and fellow musicians, but also the creative mind in the studio when recording and mixing alongside Georgio Farina. In many years of studio and live experience, he has learned everything that belongs to the good sound. With bands like Boysvoice, ABBA 99, Glam Gang and many other projects he has been on countless stages. For his sound work on the film “Holy Spirit” he received an award for the best sound design in Venezuela in 2018. Always makes the best possible high-end sound, motto: “It has to press !!”